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Our business and commercial solicitors can offer advice and guidance on a wide variety of company, partnership commercial law matters from starting up to winding up. Our solicitors can offer both technical and pragmatic legal advice to help you with your specific business needs.

Our experienced business solicitors can provide assistance on legal matters for all types of trading entity including public limited companies, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, partnerships and sole traders, plus not for profit organisations including charities. We can work with you to ensure that the technical aspects of your business are managed in a robust and efficient manner.

Our solicitors can assist with:

Contractual Issues

We can advise on and draft commercial contracts and trading agreements dealing with a variety of matters faced by businesses. We have experience in drafting both simple and complex agreements and will be able to advise you on all aspects of the contract.  If you have a contractual dispute with another company or a customer then we will be able to advise you on your position and negotiate a settlement. We also offer debt recovery services. See dispute resolution and litigation section.

Directors’ Duties

We can advise directors on the duties they have to the company and all other stakeholders. The Companies Act 2006 sets out exactly what duties Directors have and we can advise both generally and on specific issues. We can also advise on allegations or potential complaints about a Director’s behaviour.

Sales of Business

If you own a business and are intending to sell it then we can advise you on obtaining a valuation, negotiating the sale and drafting the contracts to enable the sale.

Partnership Matters

We can advise on and draft partnership agreements and ancillary documents. This includes advice on the type of partnership and limited liability partnerships (LLPs).

If you are a partner and are in dispute with other partners we can advise on your position and your dispute. See dispute resolution and litigation section.

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder agreements are entered into by shareholders of a company if they want to set out how they are to manage their shareholdings. These agreements can set out how shares will be transferred or sold if a partner leaves or dies. We can advise on and draft shareholders agreements based on the particular requirements of the shareholders.

Terms of Business

We can advise on and draft your terms of business and terms and conditions to make sure that they protect your company but at the same are not deemed to be unfair. We have experience in drafting terms of business for various different companies.

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New Rules for Registration of  Relevant Trusts and Declarations of Trusts Relevant Trusts in existence at 6th October 2020 (even if subsequently closed) must be registered with the new Trusts Registration Service by 1st September 2022 to avoid penalties and charges.  This rule also applies to relevant property trusts where the legal ownership position differs from the equitable ownership position; for example where a Declaration of Trust sits behind the Title with details of equitable owners such as where parents have loaned money to purchase a property and have their interest protected by a Declaration of Trust but are not named on the Title Register. Trusts formed after this date may also be subject to complex registration requirements. Please contact us if you are concerned that the above may apply to your Trust and would like advice or assistance with the process.