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Electronic Applications at the Land Registry – update

With electronic applications to the Land Registry now common practice, both for search information and submissions, from mid July 2015 the results of nearly all submissions can also be received electronically by portal account holding firms such as Parkes Wilshire Johnson on your behalf.   This allows a speedier and cheaper service for Land Registry applications than previously available, and adds greater flexibility to our conveyancing services.

A new form ST5 is also being introduced that can be used as a statement of truth to support an application to cancel a Form A restriction against a property from June 2015.   In order to cancel a Form A restriction the Land Registry must be satisfied that the restriction is no longer required, for example because a trust no longer exists.  A common example of this would be where spouses had severed the joint tenancy on a matrimonial home to facilitate and support Nil Rate Band trusts in their mirror Wills, which were no longer required.   This might be due to changes being made to their Wills which removed the need for the trusts, or even to the death of one spouse and the variation of the Will in question to leave all to the surviving spouse.

If you have any questions about restrictions placed against your Title, or any other Land Registry applications, please do not hesitate to contact us at our Cockfosters office on 020 8441 1556,

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