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Significant Increases to Probate Court Fees from May 2017

As previously warned to clients, Probate Court Fees are set to increase exponentially from May 2017.  The exact date of implementation has yet to be confirmed by the Probate Court Service, but the new fees will be based on date of receipt by the Court of a full and complete application, rather than the date of death of the deceased.

The new fee structure is based on the net value of the estate, after deduction of liabilities and debts from the value of assets.  The new fees are as follows:

Value of estate Fee required
0-£50,000 Nil
£50,001-£300,000 £300
£300,001-£500,000 £1000
£500,001-£1,000,000 £4000
£1,000,001-£1,600,000 £8000
£1,600,001-£2,000,000 £12,000
£2,000,001 or more £20,000

Those seeking to instruct on new probate applications should contact us directly to discuss the level of court fee which will apply, and the likely timetable for their applications.



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